Toastmasters 2018 Spring Conference

Toastmasters LogoMay 6th 2018 over 300 Toastmasters and the local community will gather for a one day conference focused on communication and leadership growth.

This event will feature three workshops, two speech contests, a keynote presentation and two very exciting speech contests.You will also enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner with over 300 and maybe as many as 400 people that are all on a journey to be effective leaders, communicators and supporters of those that assist others.

In 2009 I was the Conference Chair when we held the event in Tarrytown, NY.  It was our first time that we held the conference in Westchester. This time it will be the first conference held on Long Island in decades. This will be a very big event for our local community clubs, but also for the local business community.

Many of the nearly 40 clubs on Long Island are corporate clubs. This is a club where 100% of the members are employees of that club. Many companies have used the Toastmasters program as a training tool but also as away to bring employees together to have fun, laugh and learn as a team.

Some corporate clubs on Long Island are:
Elmer Sperry
Mazars USA

Throughout the area many businesses host our meetings. ClearVision Optical being one that has been a huge supporter of a community club that is open to everyone.

Traveling Toastmaster

Who is a Toastmaster?
Animal Friendly, people friendly and focused.
Public and professional speakers
Moms and Dads, daughters and sons
and you!

As you can see the Toastmasters organization fits into many personal situations. My home club, Northern Bookhaven meets on the Stony Brook University campus. Our members are University students, retirees, company managers and those looking to become public and/or professional speakers.

We invite you to attend, The speech contests will include Toastmasters throughout our district, from Westchester, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau and Suffolk. They will have competed in and won three contests before reaching the conference stage.
The International Speech contest is a motivational speech. In speech will be no more than 7 minutes and 30 seconds in length and is sure to be impressive. The second contest to a non-toastmaster will be much more educational.

The Evaluation Contest – it is all about the feedback. What could the speaker have done differently, perhaps more effectively to make the speech even more effective? One person will present a 5 minute speech. The contestants will each take the stage and present their opinions for 2-3 minutes. Giving suggestions, praise and details about stage presence, body language, vocal variety and what ever else comes to mind. Take you won notes and see who your ideas compare. Use what you think is best for you on your next speech. Join a club and practice it at each meeting.

Workshops? Did I say three opportunities for you to learn that is not just about Toastmasters? Yes I did.

Bob Lipp, You Can Become a More Effective Communicator
Using the T.E.A.M. concept, we will work to create a blueprint for how best to
improve communication skills

Peter Bossio, Be Remembered from the Boardroom to the Ballroom
Using a strategic mix of speaking and branding techniques to increase your
promotional staying power, it will give you the framework to figure out how to be

Glenn Rudin, Would You Do Business with You?
Participants will be guided through several steps of self-assessment to gain a clearer
understanding of where they are in the “being ready for primetime” process.

And the keynote by
Jim Kokocki, DTM
Past International President
Develop in Toastmasters, Develop Your True Potential

Action steps

  1. Join us on May 6th – for tickets click here
  2. Sponsor the event with an ad in the journal – click here
  3. Share this with those who want to improve their communication and leadership skills for career goals and the companies that support them.

such as
authors, public speakers, professional speakers, community leaders, religious leaders, students, teachers, scientists – ask Alan Alda about that, comedians, emcees, folks what want to do radio, tv & podcasts – my favorite, and ……. you get the idea