Do you have the determination to be cold and bold?

1 IMG_2969
Besides the fact that it rhymes can we make a connection between the two? I certainly think so since I am writing this but can you? The word that connects this is being uncomfortable.

I went out this morning to take some photos of Ice Boat’s on Lake Ronkonkoma, NY. Honestly it was not a success from that stand point as they were not there. I was being opportunistic, I had the time, but it was not their time. This is their website,  Ice Boat Long Island and I am sure there are others in your area assuming it gets cold enough.

IMG_2974What I came upon was the memorial stone for Lt Michael Murphy Navy Seal. Made me think about determination. His story can be found on this website Michael P Murphy Navy Seal,

“And a personal friend of his recalled, “We always knew he was a tough son of a bitch, but he was so nice.” At the end of his radio transmission for help, despite his severe wounds and dire situation, Murphy – ever the officer and gentleman – said, “Thank you.”

It takes so much more than just a goal to be a success. Integrity, determination and confidence in yourself and your team.

As you continue to review and clarify your 2018 goals make them more than just a number. Understand that your efforts not only begin today, they must take place everyday. The good days, the bad days, the easy days and the hard ones.

A BUD/S classmate inspired by Michael’s toughness and determination wrote, “I remember you with your stress fractures post Hell-Week and limping around with your iron will. Those thoughts will never leave my mind and further commit myself to our country’s undying cause of freedom.”



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