Toastmasters Pathways is coming

Toastmasters LogoShould you be the next guest to walk into our club you will be asked a question. It is a simple question to ask and one that every sales person/business owner should be asking or knowing the answer to. Why are you here?

When you join a Toastmasters club it could be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps to enhance your management skills, gain confidence when answering a questions, starting a public speaking career or a multitude of other reasons. What is exciting to all existing members is this update. The revitalization of the program is the first one in many years and I think the timing is perfect.

Here is what you need to do.

Members please go to Toastmasters International Website and sign in. All you need is your member ID which can be located on the mailing label of your monthly TM Magazine.

New to Toastmasters? Also please go to the website to:
1) view the videos on Pathways
2) find a club near you
3) read about all the great stories that our members have enjoyed

To find out more information or to attend our kickoff meeting in Patchogue, NY at Toast Coffee House on April 3rd please email me,

Brian Cohen DTM
Northern Brookhaven Toastmasters
Long Island Speakers Bureau





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