LI Speakers Bureau Team Member on Strategies Radio: Dr Elise Cohen Ho Communicating the negative or complicated news to your kids

Elise Cohen Ho, “I have a Sociology Background and hold a PhD in Natural Medicine in addition to various certifications including Nutrition, Herbalism and Holistic Health.  Over the last 25+ years I have worked as a Youth Counselor in New York’s Juvenile Detention System, as a Research Scientist studying the effects of alcohol use and abuse on the family unit, as a Weight Loss Coach, as a Wellness Coach and as a Certified Diabetes Specialist.

Strategies Radio

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I have the distinct pleasure of working with, and learning from, some truly amazing people including Dr. Mark Hyman, father of Functional Medicine and New York Times Bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution and the 10 Day Diet Detox, and Dr. John Gray, New York Times Bestselling Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. In addition to all this I am a Doctoral Candidate in the field of Naturopathic Psychology”

Speakers Bureau Site

Dr. Elise Cohen Ho


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