2016 Pt Jefferson Setauket Greenbelt Trail meeting 4/14/16

Going to need some help on this one. This Greenbelt Trail has become a very integral part of the Three Village and Pt Jefferson Area. The trail has been enjoyed by thousands of our neighbors as they hike, ride and just stroll with friends along some of the most scenic trails. Interested in attending the 4/14/16 7pm meeting?

Meeting Details and Location

Bike Path group

The next step is “to discuss the following items of interest about your Setauket to Port Jeff. Station Greenway: How to “Adopt-a-Trail” section and become a Trail Steward, event ideas and scheduling (e.g., Spring Clean-up work parties or just fun events), Greenway enhancement ideas and projects, how to acknowledge contributions via listing in kiosks, establishing guidelines and re-issuing the Greenway Trail Guide, mowing the 3 feet along each side, and — something else you would like to discuss. We will also hear about proposals for a Greenway “FIT-IN” event or even a possible fitness program as well as designs for Greenway items such as T-Shirts for volunteers, membership bonus, and for sale. Hope you can make this important meeting about your Greenway” as stated by Charlie McAteer, Chair Friends of the Greenway



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