Strategies Radio Glenn Reed Chief Operating Officer at Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Technology, we look at it as a way to promote our business. Glenn Reed
glenn Reed
brings a wealth of knowledge to us as we talk about creating, developing and utilizing technology as a product, a sales tool and a way to bring our resources together.

Strategies Radio with Glen Reed

C-Level Business Leader with extensive knowledge across industries, products, services and technologies. Highly effective in roles as: business executive, strategist and advisor. Adept at partnering operations, finance and business objectives to drive long-term gains in performance, revenue, and market share. Astute financial management with expertise in M&A, raising venture capital, securing equity funding, debt-structuring and liability management. Intuitive, insightful, creative and compelling. Confidential advisor to CEO’s, CFO’s, Board Members, and Senior Executives. Impeccable ethics and integrity.

Glenn Reed is currenly the COO of Vehicle Tracking Solutions  enjoy this video of the company


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