Hillary Topper Radio and I was the guest

What fun this was talking about winning the Glasslandia contest, running the NYC Marathon and talking about the Strategies of Success Speakers Team. .Enjoy and hopefully you will learn that success begins with the most difficult challenge and that is taking a small step forward. 

Strategies of Success Radio with Carol Whitaker

Are you really ready to achieve your 2014 goals?

What will you need you to overcome?

This Monday Jan 13th, 2014 6:30pm est. Carol Whitaker and I will be sharing actionable ideas for you to use when you put your goals into action.

Carol Whitaker


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John Hassler – SOS Radio Interview

Public Speaking Skills – Microphone or just a Phone

The joy of being the appointed “expert” on public speaking is the freedom to comment on any aspect of Presentation Skills. Most folks would think that presentation skills only come into play when there is a microphone in the room. I have a secret for you. Public speaking means speaking to the public, whether it is through a microphone or just through a phone.

Now, what do you think is harder?

I would assume that standing in front of a room is more of a challenge for most. Let’s not forget the survey that says that more people would rather die than speak in public, but I seem to know more that would speak with a microphone than cold call with a phone. Why do is there such a fear about cold calling? What can we do to get over that fear?

I am not the expert on exactly what to say but I can tell you that it is not that difficult to pick up the phone and call some one you don’t know.

Are there skills from giving a public presentation that we can apply when cold calling? Absolutely. Here are 3 of my favorites

1) Stand up tall – your voice will carry better and you will sound more confident if your lungs are filled with air and you are not struggling to get the last words out cause you have no air left.

2) Write your speech or comments and then know it, don’t read it.- speak to your sales coach on content but if the person you are speaking hears you reading, you have just lost their confidence. If you are reading and not listening you have just lost an opportunity.

3) Make eye contact – see them in your mind and visualize the perfect contact. If you are having a difficult time with this the draw the person you want to be talking with, cut out a picture in a magazine if you must but do this. Take this opportunity to write down the personality and needs of your ideal prospect. It just may help you develop a much more focused prospecting list.

For more information about public speaking, presentations please contact me at:

Strategies of Success Motivational/Sales Training Speakers Bureau
Confidence from within communicated effectively

Social Media with Laurinda Handlik - Radio Show – listen at anytime by clicking on the title

NYI is a social media marketing company and more…  We help promote your business through various means.   If you are thinking of promoting your company but can’t afford the big marketing  companies then you need to speak with me.  NY Introductions has your best interest at heart.

There are various ways of  promoting your business online through social networking.  With such platforms as Facebook / Facebook business pages, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogging,  & On-line advertisng, I am sure we can put a package together to fit your needs.

Looking to make your first impression a lasting impression with the online community?  Then we can also talk about  optimizing your linkedin profile.

Through my affiliates, NYI can also take care of most or all of your additional marketing needs from printing business cards/brochures (graphic designs)  to videos – website design and even promotional products.   Planning on doing a trade show? well we can help with that as well.

Call 631-670-6079 for more information.
Laurinda Handlick

Host of Strategies of Success – Brian Cohen

Radio Show 6pm 11/27/13 – The Profit Express – Host Tim Healy – with guests Dan Marquardt and Brian Cohen

Dan MarquardtWednesday night  on The Profit Express I will be one of the guests talking about the actions that people do and how incredible people really can be, when they are in the right place doing the right thing. A special guest for the show is some one that we all know is a true representation of what incredible is. He has a story of  both giving and being in a situation where help was needed, that man Dan Marquardt
Tune in 88.7 FM WRHU NY / online at WRHU.ORG at 6PM EST. 11/27/13

Sneakers on Sunday – 8-10am walk on the Boardwalk – Net-WALK-ing – meet every Sunday

nwlking8am NetWALKing at Sunken Meadow Park – we are really walking dress accordingly

How cool is cool? How well do wool socks really work?
How much are you committed to your goals?
These and other questions will be answered Sunday 8am at Sunken Meadow Park, meet at the boardwalk, for a morning walk to start your day. ends by 10am.
Call for details 631-255-3581.


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